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For his remarkable feat on the night, Golden State Warriors player, Andre Iguodala was named MVP at the 2015 NBA Finals.

His recognition came on the cusp of his stunning display against Cleveland Cavaliers’ Lebrin James.

The 31 year old Iguodala who is born to a Nigerian father and American mother also made history last night — becoming the first player to be named MVP (Most Valuable Player) without starting every game.

When Iguodala was on the floor, he made sure Lebron James hardly touched the ball, reducing James’ shots from the field to 38.1%.

That1960chick compiled five quick facts about Iguodalo

*He loves shoes! During a recent Salvatore Ferragamo fashion show in Italy. He said: I have a lot of shoes. I’ve been a big Ferragamo fan for five years now. It’s hard to find shoes in my size. I’m a 15. He has more than 200 pairs of Nikes and “between 50 and 75 pairs of dress shoes.

*He has a fiancee: Christina Gutierrez, who is his high school sweetheart. They live together in California and have a son together – Andre Tyler Iguodala II.

*He has two baby mamas: The first one is Christina his fiancee who he is engaged to. And the second one is a “hip hop video model/stripper” Clayanna Warthen who has a daughter for him, London Iguodala. She sued him in 2009 for child support.

*He has never played for Team Nigeria a few years ago spoke on why he chose Team USA over Team Nigeria at the Olympics,

They’ve (Nigerian Olympic Committee) been trying to get here for a long time now. They’ve gotten here and they want to prove that they belong. They even had training camp in Dallas, in the States. It’s interesting. I’ve gotten calls from them a few times about participating. It was always my dream to play for the USA team. That’s where I grew up.I never gave it any serious thought. It didn’t feel right to me. I’ve never been there. I’ve never really had a chance to experience their culture, only from the outside looking in because of my father.

*He is worth $28 Million Dollars


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