What Mr & Mrs Kogberegbe Family On AfricaMagic Has Done For Me By Adebukola Olakanlu


To describe him as an all-round entertainer would be stating the obvious. Adebukola Olanrewaju Olakanlu or MC Loosemouth as some call him is several things rolled into one; he is a comedian, compere, actor, On Air Personality (OAP) and a filmmaker.

The talented actor is popular for his role as Mr & Mrs Kogberegbe in the popular series on Africanmagic Yoruba entitled Mr & Mrs Kogberegbe.

Olanrewaju who relocated to the US with his family a year ago is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Strategic Communication Studies from the University of Florida.

He spoke about about his fruitful career, family as well as big plans for the 2015 among other interesting subjects.


How do you cope producing Mr & Mrs Kogberegbe Family in the US?

It’s not been easy really producing Mr & Mrs Kogberegbe that shows on AfricanMagic because the cost of production in U.S is really high even if it’s a low budget production. My co- presenter on the show is also in the US now as well as the script writer also. The Season Three will start showing from next year, and we have begun shooting season four. Assembling a production crew was the major problem at first, but thank God everything is in shape.

Do you have a favourite among all the jobs that you do?

Wow! That’s a big one. When I came up with my style of satirical comedy, it’s because I wanted to right the wrongs in the society through comedy. Loosemouth will surely make you laugh, but you must learn something out of his jokes and that made me relevant on my TV show back then on MITV. So my job now which is producing and acting in Mr & Mrs. Kogberegbe on AfricaMagic is my favourite job so far because I am helping couples to stay in love and promoting family bond.


Can you tell us about your role in Mr & Mrs Kogberegbe and the feedback that has followed from fans and viewers generally?

Kogberegbe family is a TV programme that brings to life fun moments and family connections. Most issues in marriages are addressed in an interactive and dramatic act.

These include themes such as emotions to finances to morals, endurance, love, tolerance, external influences, commitment, to mention a few. We looked for an unusually interesting way to create a family TV show that provides room for our audience to participate by contributing useful opinions through vox –pop. With these arrangement, people are able to relate in a humorous and entertaining way. It is showing on African Magic Yoruba and the response from fans is huge, we get messages through various social networks, calls, mails and so on. The popularity of the show and characters is amazing.


On set…credit – Creative Village Production


Please tell us about your training

I graduated from Lagos State Polytechnic where I studied mass communications. Also I trained and earned a certificate in Film Directing from Nigerian Film Institute, Jos. I trained to be a video editor at Lagos Television and as a Radio Presenter by Wale Hassan on Radio Lagos. At the moment, I’m in the second phase of my Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication at College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida.

You must have fond memories of your early days, please do share with us how this beautiful journey started for you

I’m from a humble Christian home and the journey started in the house of God as a teenager. My interest in entertainment piqued when I was a member of a socio-cultural performing group in my school years. Through that platform, I did a lot of stage plays, comedy and anchored major events at school, even at NYSC Camp in Abia then. I was so popular that my comedies were recorded and sold at the camp.

What would you describe as your first big break?

My first big break was my satire comedy on MITV called Wazobia plus and radio show tagged LERE on Radio Lagos from 2006 to 2009. If you are asking about a big break that came with good cash reward, it was in 2009 when I did a marketing campaign for a pharmaceutical company.

So how did you come about the name, MC Loosemouth?

It was at an open air show rehearsal at the department of Mass Communication in LASPOTECH. And any member of the audience where invited to come for a stand-up comedy. I was scared because that would be my first time to do comedy in front of a large crowd. A friend of mine Kunle Akinsanya came to visit me from Ogun State Polytechnic and was with me at that moment and he encouraged me to go up and do my best. So I took my first step to stardom; lo and behold, the duration allotted for every performer was just two minutes but I thrilled the crowd for about eight minutes. They didn’t want me to leave the stage, since my comedy is satire. I don’t copy jokes, I use my immediate environment to create spontaneous jokes. They started calling me Parrot but because it could put me in trouble with cultist, I embraced Loosemouth. It is a nickname I earned because of the liberty I use on stage to address our rector, Engr. Olawunmi Gasper. My Rector was fond of me which made me appeared at every show organized by the school management. The named followed me to show on MITV in 2006/2007. Sometimes, my parents forget my real name and call me Loosemouth.


On set…credit – Creative Village Production

Tell us about your family and how you met your wife

I am married to Joy Quadri Shitta-bay in 2010. We met during my National Diploma days in LASPOTECH while we were both studying Mass Communications. It was student politics that connected us but stage acting and comedy joined us together and ever since I met her story of my life has changed positively. Friends close to me can explain better why I named her my Brainbox and presently she heads my management team both here in the United States and Nigeria because I still go for some shoot in Nigeria. We have two boys, the first is three years plus while the second is just four months. We relocated to the United States in 2013.

Who are your role models and what drives you?

I have many, but I’ll mention a few. One of them is late Opeyemi Fajemileyin, he identified the hidden talent in me and he encouraged me. Also Wale Hassan of Radio Lagos gave me the opportunity to present my own show on radio while for TV and acting, I will like to follow the foot prints of Femi Odugbemi and Steve Adesemoye. I also admire Yomi Fash-Lanso as an actor.

How would you describe year 2014 and what are your plans for 2015?

The success story for 2014 is awesome because Creative Village productions is now registered as an audio/visual company in the United States and we have concluded the last part of our proposed online radio for Mr. & Mrs Kogberegbe. Also, I was able to secure some product placements. For 2015, we are looking forward to running a series of promotions that will feature the lead characters of Kogberegbe, that’s why I will use this platform to call for advertisers and companies that can partner with us. Popular brands should realize they can benefit from their products being integrated into plot lines and associated with this popular family show. We want to equate ourselves with valuable brands. Creative Village production is raising the bar through integrated marketing campaign even as Yoruba entertainers. We are planning to transmit over fifty recorded episodes on local stations in 2015.

As an entertainer, what aspect of the industry bothers you the most and what do you think can be done about it?

I must confess that there’s been a huge improvement from the awful wishy-washy productions, storylines and bad plot twist that has affected credibility of our films.

The unreliable supply of electricity is also a major problem just as is low budget filmmaking and non-assistance from government. For instance, in the US and other developed countries, Film and TV financing refers to government assistance. Government assistance involved a mixture of government support, distributor/ broadcaster involvement and private investment. Here in the U.S, the Defence Departments has an open but barely publicized relationship with Hollywood. The Pentagon, for decades, has offered filmmakers advice, manpower and even hardware – including aircraft carriers and state-of-the-art helicopters thus influencing the types of films produced. I pray and hope the Nigeria Film industry will get there.


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