INTERVIEW: Niyola Opens Up On Affair With Banky W, Butts Enlargement


niyola-and-banky-w-2She was announced the winner of Best Vocal Performance (Female) at the just concluded Headies Awards. Eniola Akinbo otherwise known as Niyola, is gradually becoming one of the leading females in the entertainment industry.

Right there at the grand red carpet of Headies award, Expressng accosted her for a brief chat and the sassy songstress speaks about her career, romance and plans for the new year.

You and Banky W got intimate in your in one of your recent videos and prior to that, he has admitted some affection for you in an interview that went viral?

I’m not aware of that, he’s my boss and that’s it. I have a relationship with him. Business kind of relationship. Banky W is my boss and good friend.

And if he proposes to you now, what will you say?

(Chuckles) I don’t know until he does.

What’s your ideal man like?

I don’t think there’s such thing as an ideal man. I just like a mature, very self-respecting, God-fearing and good looking who is also intelligent enough to take me for who I am.

Do you have the man already?

No, I’m yet to have him.

No one will take that from you. You’ve been in Nigeria for a while; you think Nigerian men are blind?

I’m single now because I chose to.

How long more would you like to remain single?

I don’t know, when I’m ready for a relationship, I will know and you will also know after me.

Is the storyline of your video, Toh Bad your true-life experience?

Well, I would say that, in a way it is. I have felt love and I actually know what it feels being torn in between love for your job and the man you love. I also know that every woman at every point in time has been in a position where she has had to battle in the middle of such situation and that’s why you have to go back when you know that someone isn’t just good for you. You spent time think, oh, he’s just being a man, I can understand what he’s going through and all that.

What are you going to be doing differently in 2015?

2015 is here already and hopefully, I’m going to drop an album and my fans are going to be seeing more songs, more videos, local and international collaboration next year. I cannot tell you exactly what it would be, but it would be next year definitely.

If you have not been doing music what will you be doing by now? I honestly don’t know because I have many talents. I love writing, and to meet and inspire people. I’m just a happy-go-lucky-girl, I get excited by little things in life, I don’t ask for too many things and I’m very simple.

Who actually styles you?

It depends, today might be wearing April by Kunbi, but most of the times, I style myself but occasionally have people style me.

Your butt looks bigger, did you enhance it?

How did you know the size of my butt? Have you ever seen my butt before?

We used to see the size when you started singing but it’s apparently bigger now?

I have no answer please.

Do you think female artistes are now more appreciated in Nigeria?

Of course, you get appreciated for the good works you put out there.

What have been your challenges in the industry?

I can’t start to count because I take challenges well. I believe that for you to succeed, you must face challenges and at the point you’re sure you’ve overcome some, that’s when you’d know that you’re growing. It’s like when you are a seamstress, you want to sew and you get pricked by a needle, you’d not say that the problem you have is that you are hurt. It’s your job and you take everything that comes like that.

Do you see yourself quitting EME musical company anytime soon?

No, I don’t see myself leaving, at least not at the moment.


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