Elections: Chocolate City Boss, Audu Maikori Makes Case For President Jonathan (Opinion)


I watched Buharis campaign speech yesterday and I left feeling like I was listening to my father speaking to me- and that’s sort of natural afterall he and my father are about the same age. Buhari is an awesome figure, very impressive in terms of what he stands for as a person . Indeed i must tell a story – way back in 1998 during the perennial university strikes I was in kaduna during one of the perennial fuel scarcity episodes. I was at the ungwar Rimi filling station and had been on a line for 3 hrs or so waiting for my turn to buy fuel. And if you can recall those days, fuel lines were like military camps and people were violent if you tried to jump the queue unless you were a friend of the petrol station manager or a soldier And Buhari drove into the area in his 505 looking for fuel and somehow people saw him and all of a sudden people started moving their cars out of the way to allow him drive up to fill his tank. This people did without compulsion-it was out of sheer respect of him, the man, the father figure- that was Buhari(pre -PTF).

If Buhari was going to be allowed to run the country based on his ideals alone, I would probably change my mind ( after I get past the age factor) But honestly speaking , governance is not strictly about a single personality- it’s a series of conversations around different interest groups and institutions and walking the fine line between your decisions based on personal interest or moral values and / or public interest- which usually means a politicized decision.

I feel that a Buhari presidency though well intended will not achieve much due to the fact that he will try to purge Nigeria via old school methods which are no longer practical. He will be the face but the real machinery will be run by some of Nigeria’s most “pious” politicians – people like Tinubu, Amaechi , Atiku ,etc. The question is will they allow him to stop the business as usual environment they have benefited from to their detriment?

When he spoke about sharia a few years back which was seen as very inciteful and how it was necessary in Nigeria, he spoke as a devout Muslim that he is- but the statement was so politically incorrect especially since you know that same Sharia implementation led to the death of thousands of man and women in kaduna state alone in the early 2000’s This led to the division of southern kaduna from northern kaduna and the relocation of the people to Barnawa and beyond due to religious intolerance.

When it comes to elections, I personally feel that we are asking a man who’s ways and actions are set to suddenly become dynamic and new and do so with the support of leaders who were not just part of the PDP rot but were key players in it. Suddenly the are born again and old things are passed and have become “new”…

Goodluck is far from perfect but I see him continuing to make steady inroads especially in the area of the economic advancement of young people because the cliche is true – the youth are the future but the future is now and here!

Has he done well? In some areas yes but in security no. That’s the fact. I won’t go into the reasons why not but we should note that the rot in the army started many years before Jonathan and the insurgency only opened the cankerworm that was hidden because the need to protect Nigeria hadn’t arisen in over 39 or so.

About corruption having worked around government for almost 3 years I now understand things I never quite understood. Most of the corruption in Our country is usually attributed to government and the civil service which is true but we forget that they need collaborators in the private sector to successfully perpetrate these crimes. The best way to fight corruption is to build institutions and use technology to fortify them so they can reduce incidences of corruption- that’s the truth. You can’t tap an MTN line like we used to tap the box telephones at home in those days. You can’t pass the Lekki toll gate without paying 120 at the automated gates but the politicians can set up companies to surreptitiously buy the company that owns the gates( hope you get my drift) and that’s done at top level. You can’t also fight corruption if you tip a policeman at every checkpoint instead of taking the day off and ensuring you get your drivers license so wecan stop the extortion – yes that too is corruption.
Why is budget implementation so poor?because the National Assembly unduly politicizes the process leading to late passage of the bills ( in 2013 it was in July / August same as 2014) so when projects don’t get delivered its mostly because of slow passage of the bill.

The other reason is that the appropriations committees can tamper with the budget how they like that’s why a project like the perilous Lokoja -Abuja road which led to the death of many Nigerians took over 10 years to be completed because the amounts appropriated by the NASS was simply inappropriate to adequate fund the completion. It was only when Sureprogramme intervention came that the road was fast tracked ( as most can testify) same with the railways , roads and bridges etc- why?because the SUREP funds were better insulated from tampering unlike many other projects approved for completion. There are now policies being put to change this to make execution more effect off of the lessons we learnt via Surep on a federal level.

But I digress, I agree that GMB is a fine gentleman and leader but I also believe that if I did vote for him I would be doing so nostalgically not realistically because there’s a new Nigeria where people are earning a living off their talents and passions and creating a new middle class which was virtually non existent post GEJ and that’s the Nigeria I want to be part of…Agriculture is becoming the new sexy and his administration has pushed it even more than Obasanjo ( a renowned farmer did). No matter how I explain FB or Instagram or the global economy to my dad now he may not fully grasp it as a person below 35 would and I fear that I would rather move forward imperfectly than go back to the past in search of Utopia.

This is just my view of things and I have taken time to state it and not berate GMB – it’s my vote , it’s my choice, some will say that I vote for hm because of SUREP. But honestly I do so because in him I see a man who is imperfect, struggling with his imperfections to make things better and I see room for improvement and change….in all fairness we are all sort of like that trying to get a better report card and improve on poor subjects of last semester. In the latter I see an upright man of integrity and high discipline who doesn’t yet realize that one of his disciples may yet betray because they don’t stand for the same ideals.

Am honest and a good writer


  1. mayr

    January 17, 2015 at 11:25 am

    That’s his own personal opinion whch could be fueld by favour frm the presidncy besides hu cares he’s just a record label boss..stick to entertainment

    • Alfonso Perro

      January 22, 2015 at 4:37 am

      Every nation will have corrupt citizens that will be looking to bribe entities for personal satisfaction. The frequency and acceptance of corruption depends on the tolerance level of people in power as well as implementation of policies, not “technology alone;” after all, there was once a time when technology did not exist. If GEJ gets re elected, he will probably start a billion dollar(s) project for development of Nigerian “Technology.” I wonder where that money will end up or if the project will ever be completed?

      Nigeria needs constant light, faster internet, better hospitals, roads, airports, military advancement before technology can come into play. Better infrastructure will lead to the development of new markets/industries which will make the middle class more prosperous. It is hard for me to see GEJ as the one that will provide the needed infrastructure and I will not want Nigeria to waste another 4 years of her history

      GMB is 72 and Jonathan is 57; in the technology space and the new challenges of the global market, both candidates are “OLD.”

    • Taophyc

      January 25, 2015 at 4:41 pm

      Thanks Mayr.

  2. Izuchukwu Ubadinma

    January 17, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Finally, I have seen someone that reasons within and outside the box. I won’t agree more or less. Nostalgically, GMB. Realistically, GEJ

  3. naomi

    January 17, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    Nice one..

  4. Diipo

    January 18, 2015 at 12:56 am

    A “tree” sure can’t make a forest but in the end a clear path and plan for “tree planting or transplanting” needs to be put in place. Hence the need for empowering institutions rather than individuals to bring us out of doldrums and our dark alleys. What both parties fail to realize is that synergy works and going about with this “winner takes all mentality” will not suffice; campaigns are targeted at individuals rather that addressing issues and we just assume that our collective problems should be left for the ruling party or party that wins to solve when in reality, these menaces will only give way for law and order when we work together. No matter who wins, an all inclusive government with the love of Nigeria in mind is better than mud slinging currently taking place in hopes that one party will be better perceived; when we all know that apples do not fall too far from their “tree” of origin. Even when it manages to take root and grow into “another tree”, it’s kind of “seed” might just remain questionable.

  5. Gbolahan

    January 18, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Valid points made. However age has absolutely nothing to do with it. The foundation for the successes in the middle class you’re referring to were laid by Obasanjo, who’s older than Buhari. GMB also has a reputation of allowing those around him express themselves, he can’t be a one man show in today’s Nigeria, am sure he’s aware of that.
    GEJ has shown phenomenal weaknesses in leadership, with his actions and utterances. He’s not responsible for the decline in our military but his reaction to it is very poor, he doesn’t inspire any confidence and doesn’t seem to know how to. He’s fixed some things but the biggest infrastructural problem is electricity and he hasn’t moved the dial one bit and he’s made dated promises that he failed to keep. As for corruption, we do need institutions built by a leadership that doesn’t condone it. Let’s learn from the Georgia example. The rest of the country will fall in line including the private sector.Jonathan not only condones corruption, he’s utterances promote it. He doesn’t deserve a second term in my view and that’s why am voting GMB.

  6. josh

    January 18, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    Audu is only for what he thinks. You are in the music industry, its better you stay there. Most times Nigerians are not objective especially those comfortable ones benefitting from a particular source. Such are those with sentiments. Am only praying for a better Nigeria with a great leader that will make this country great and secured

  7. Bunmi Fadeyi

    January 18, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Nice one Audu, however I beg to disagree with you on a number of issues. Age has been used aagainst GMB ever since. Lately, certificates and other reasons are brought up to show he is not competent.What did fmr. Speaker Bankole and his young likes add to our polity.Age is just a thing of the mind.you will be surprised GMB is fitter than people assume.of course there are newer ways of doing things, but right now Nigeria needs a discipline man with a will.
    I voted and campaign in 2011 for GEJ, but his presidency has been hijacked by the hawks.Corruption has never been this celebrated. As a business man you sure knows your leadership role determines what becomes of your business. GMB body language will resonate all through our weak institutions if he wins the February election.
    That said,I appreciate all the activism of our different political parties supporters. I appreciate our concern for our dear country. We shouldn’t forget to encourage people to shun violence in any little way we could.

    I pray the best man gets the job.

  8. Enoch Ejukorlem

    January 18, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    This write up took the words right of my mouth, only more eloquently and articulated. A voice of reason.

  9. Dr Jekyll

    January 18, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    I like listening to government officials campaign for their bosses. Clearly, Mr. Maikori, who works for this government in official capacity, would say anything to ensure this administration continues so that he still has his juicy job at Sure-P.

  10. CMN

    January 18, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    Well said Audu! I especially appreciate how you compose your opinion in the ninth paragraph. It is a shame that most Nigerians who complain about the present administration’s lack of efforts in curbing corruption do not understand that they are part of the corrupt process. I find this aspect of the debates that have been ongoing very annoying. Most would want to compare Nigeria to more developed countries, but yet do not even adhere to simply traffic rules and jump traffic lights. It does not take a degree in rocket science nor does it take a new leader for us as citizens to realize that we need to queue up for BRT. I mean, that should have been common knowledge….not something that we have to wait for some “leader” to tell us to do before we know it is right…and then go on to name him our messiah.

    I personally am not happy with any of the popular presidential candidates, but we must do the needful in a realistic manner and not out of sentiments or “nostalgically” as you put it. Nigerians tend to forget history alot……and we tend to rush and want things quick quick. Hopefully, we will get to that point where our decisions are made sensibly on intelligence and not on emotions.

  11. StynE

    January 18, 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Actually, if u give it a great deal of time, any one can put together their thoughts, objectively in their own views… But sometimes fundamentally flawed.
    One thing I am sure of, I’d the staggering degree of wastage prevalent in this regime… So, when I hear things like soldiers have no arms… I can’t help but wonder, if this regime intended to fix things, wouldn’t its priority be arming its military for the security and integrity of its territory?

    So, the army is unarmed, and I for one am dissatisfied with this govt, so I won’t vote for it come feb 14th. Not sure who I d vote for yet, but I really think gej may lose.
    If he loses, and the militants start their version of chaos down south, who is going to stop them and how? We are unarmed aren’t we?

  12. David Iniakpaniko

    January 18, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    Spot on Boss, couldn’t have said it better myself. Buhari is just the face. Who are those financing him? Wouldn’t he have to repay them, during the next 8 years (if he wins), isn’t that already moving backwards.

    GEJ is trying (he has nobody to settle), for a civilian like you, he has made good effort, even while the old opposing powers are trying to stifle his effort. The people in APC are strong enough to make any opposing administration look bad (if they want to). The candidates in APC and PDP should work together to make Nigeria great. Instead of looting our funds, aren’t they tired. The should work together and make Nigeria look like Dubia (which had less than us) and Singapore (which was a 3rd world country 30 years ago) they should stop playing politics with Nigerians and ‘HELP’ move the country FORWARD. To be truthful GEJ is ‘Exactly’ what Nigerians needs to move the country FORWARD. No Politicking, The Pure TRUTH!

  13. henryalex

    January 18, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    I strongly support your view on OBJ laying down the road for a middle class Nigeria Economy. The introduction of privatisation and the coming of telecommunication companies gave jobless Nigerian graduates job opportunities.

  14. kogis jotham nyam

    January 19, 2015 at 6:19 am

    Well said Mr Audu! Dts jst da pure truth.we nid 2 move forward.

  15. somebody

    January 19, 2015 at 8:12 am

    the devil u know they say is beta than d angel u dont: how untrue. y not try d anel u dont know he cld offer something beta but i certainly know he will nt b d devil. Jonathan had his chance. imagine u are a called to manage a failing organization and after six years u are still trying to figure out how to fix it. Jonathan looked Nigerians in d face and raised his middle finger up to us. i agree with u as it concerns giving bribe instead of getting d drivers license but Jonathan had something to prove when he was faced with major decisions like fuel subsidy, Oduah and Alamesiya. he should ve made a name fir himself bt he turned a blind eye. for me Buhari’s victory is about giving d masses a voice. it gives us controlnvif in 4 yrsvhe has offered nothing, we get him out. if GEJ continues, PDP will feel indispensable, afterall they said they will rule for sixty yrs. it will make themvgo back to d drawing board and if in future dey hav anod opportunity, they will think more of the people dan themselves

  16. George

    January 19, 2015 at 8:49 am

    Simply the truth .. Thanks

  17. Yinka

    January 19, 2015 at 8:58 am

    Pls tell me what GEJ said he will do the next 4yrs. GMB is not perfect but i’m sure he wont condone the magnitude of corruption of GEJ’s administration. Do we know how powerful the president of Nigeria is? If he knows the sponsors of boko haram, Y not arrest and prosecute them instead of accussations. What about the immigration exam deaths? Is the president scared to sack whoever was responsible? This is the 10th month no new exam, no jobs. What about the missing $10-$20 billion, the president set-up a private investigation they are supose to reveal findings Nov 2014, have we heard anything about that? People are quick to remember what happened 5- 30years ago but forgets what happened within the last 4-6years. Nowadays i hear the man didnt go to skol, he is sick etc. Discuss issues abeg. Let Us analyse things clearly no sentiments. GMB is not a saint but from research he is better than GEJ.

  18. joke

    January 19, 2015 at 8:59 am

    Hmn… so I read tru and realized the point weren’t well thought, no deep factual tots put into this. let me scrap the surface with you just as ur write up shows; how many ex convicts and obviously corrupt national office holders are in currently in power, on what grounds was presidential pardon, do u know Buruju Kashamu and his present office in Nigeria, what do foreign investors say of our country and how much confidence do they have in investing in our country, which country has a candidate on corruption and murder case trial win election or be appointed into a national office?
    Please try answer these few questions and re-write how our country has de/generated under this present administration. Talking voting based on nostalgia making me think of GMB a beta candidate reminds me of how I return to a restaurant after an initial good experience; talking reality, GEJ is not meant to hand over power, he is meant to be oustered out of the office.

    • Better Nigeria

      January 20, 2015 at 9:40 am

      Tell them,Spot On!

  19. Jeff

    January 19, 2015 at 9:36 am

    Aptly put. We should have more people saying the truth. Funny how he’s accused of bias & playing to the paymasters delight only cos his views defer from yours. List out what he’s said that isn’t true.
    More grease to your elbow Audu.

  20. alagbo

    January 19, 2015 at 10:23 am

    so audu has been working for govt for 3 years. just like that other young guy Ohimai you have only tried to justify your dough. keep making it but you have worked for the most useless govt in the history of uselessness. and also, SURE P is the first agency that should be scrapped immediately. a haven of fraud and senselessness

  21. icon4x

    January 19, 2015 at 11:17 am

    Its his opinion and i dare say he has reasoned out facts, yet politics is a game far from neat. Out of the 14 presidential candidates, GMB and GEJ are not the best picks. They are just popular. Circumstantially popular

    • chu

      January 20, 2015 at 4:00 pm

      Can someone promote these other contestants? I’m inclined to agree that the same people sponsor PDP and APC and so they win either way. If I get my PVC i will vote the woman and not GEJ or GMB.

  22. ade

    January 19, 2015 at 11:28 am

    This article would make better sense if Audu was simply suggesting someone else besides Buhari. But to say that GEJ is what we need? That is just ridiculous. Please let Buhari bring his old school. At least he acts like he actually gives a shit about Nigeria’s survival. For that alone I will choose him over GEJ.

  23. Epangelia Kiamu

    January 19, 2015 at 11:39 am

    As a foreigner living in Nigeria, I do not fully understand the political situation very well. But I want to thank this gentleman, for stating clearly and precisely, with sound reasoning why he prefers one candidate over the other. I’ve heard, read and seen too many emotional outpour from people you least expect it all in the name of politics. If a person cannot state their views and opinion clearly and without insulting, humiliating or trying to dirty the name and reputation of another person, then they have no right stating anything at all.
    Thank you sir, for being a good human being

  24. haruna daniel

    January 19, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    Politics covers all sphere of life especially enterment. Thus Andu’s contribution is valid and timely, Mr Mayr.

  25. Tom

    January 19, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    Fact is our President lacks the courage to move Nigeria forward. Nigeria is growing without developing; the projects that the govt delivered in 6 years is a far cry from the financial resources committed to same; the countless scandals of this administration, inability of the government to stem the insurgency; what do we do with 74% of citizens languishing in poverty? I can go on and on

  26. Moha

    January 19, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I wonder how much he has benefitted from Ebele. Hiss! Pls stick to your entertainment…

  27. Ernest Frank

    January 19, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    Honestly am impressed, this is the first time I see reason placed so maturely,no insults, no motor park Language! Nigeria is for us all to call home and home can always contain everyone even when like siblings we disagree to agree. I share the same opinion, let’s give GEJ one more change. God bless Nigeria

  28. oshile

    January 20, 2015 at 3:47 am

    GEJ is the man. Let him rule us again. He wasn’t supported that was why he sufferred that much. If all Nigerians supported GEJ, he would have succeded more. Do not bring trouble to his government and you would see How’s important he is to Nigeria. He practiced true democracy that was why things went that way. He is not an autocrat but a democrat: the first to nigerians. GEJ 2015.

  29. Better Nigeria

    January 20, 2015 at 9:52 am

    Audu didn’t write well. If i was working in his capacity in Sure P i will condemn the person of Buhari and anything APC or better still be quiet and keep chopping. Nonsense! In this government of impunity,blood shed and open corruption supported by the leader and you tell me of achievement? I wouldnt waste my time to count them but Anything is better than GEJ at the moment and he is a Liar! You can’t trust such a person with leadership.

  30. emi

    January 20, 2015 at 11:19 am

    It is saddening that this same audu who just before jonathan became acting and then finally president in 2010 led thousands of youth in abuja to the national assembly to deliver a Enough is Enough letter and even stood up to a policeman who corked a gun and swore to shoot him is saying this. All the requests in that letter he didn’t mind losing his life for haven’t been met by this so called “jonathan inroad making administration” he so tries to polish. The president was elected to solve Nigerias problems especially the problems that are the main business of government like security of lifes and property, steady power, and a well run and stable economy (devoid of paper growths that don’t affect the common man)… Government won’t need to bother much about unemployment if those are available as Nigerians are smart and enterprising and will create jobs (more sustainable than the Sure-P reaching out to less than 5000 young in 3years) for themselves. I totally share the similar thoughts about buhari with audu nonetheless which is why i would rather take a gamble on GMB ideals and hope that the “series of conversations around different interest groups and institutions and walking the fine line between decisions based on personal interest or moral values and / or public interest- which usually means a politicized decision” fall in line with his ideals and that any one of his disciples that may yet betray him will fall victim of his ideals. GMB may not be the man for the job but we can hope but i am sure as hell GEJ isn’t the man

  31. Harley

    January 20, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    Buhari might just be a face as you believe but I must say integrity goes a long way when we speak leadership. Back then when he ruled as a military man,he was as well a face as he is right now (if you’re approaching from that angle) because he was never part of the coup,he was only installed when the coup became a success due to his integrity. Irrespective,he performed,he did things that earned him the respect and glory he has today. If the back stage sponsors couldn’t affect his performance back then,I strongly do not believe it will now. The fate of this country is crucial and at this stage,another 4yrs in the hands of that devil in disguise called GEJ will be a taste of hell. I didn’t vote for him in 2011,so I have no regret over that and I advised people around me not to, “GEJ will be the worst president Nigeria will ever have” -so I said back then,a great pleasure it is to see it unfold. For me,I want a new Nigeria even if the change is minor. GMB all the way for my household and I.

  32. Mahmud Sulaiman

    January 20, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    Re: Elections: Chocolate City Boss, Audu Maikori Makes Case For President Jonathan (Opinion).

    It is no news that Audu Maikori is high up there amongst the most powerful people in the Nigerian music industry. His profile keeps rising; you can’t help but admit his genius from record label executive to entrepreneur to a social activist.

    When I read the above-titled article where he made his opinion known about his preferred presidential candidate. I thought he did well by remaining objective and not out rightly criticizing anyone as we all have been accustomed to seeing and hearing as the elections draw closer.

    However, I felt Audu looked at the country from the point of view of a young music executive. If it was say the PMAN elections that will be totally ok but this is the presidential election of a nation with 170 million people which as diverse as they come.

    No doubt this administration has done a lot supporting our entertainment industry in cash and in kind with grants of over N3bn announced by GEJ himself. Our music industry is growing astronomically, thanks to people like you. Every teenager wants to be involved in this industry either in front or behind the camera. This is a testament of the growth I talk about. The flip side is, has the government paid attention to other sectors that are equally vital if not more vital that the entertainment industry? We have seen the worse WEAC and NECO results in recent times with about 70% failure (less than 5 credits including mathematics and English) with the current year topping the preceding year. This is not necessarily the fault of the people who run the industry but that of a government that isn’t paying attention. It’s a matter of priority and a no brainer, without education we are not going anywhere as a nation.

    You laid the blame of poor budget implementation squarely on the national assembly for unduly politicizing the process but what you should have done was compare like for like before making that assumption. How was budget implementation under OBJ compared to GEJ’s administration with the same politicized national assembly? Do not forget the ruling party, which the president belongs, holds outright majority in the national assembly.

    If you recall, in 2012, the House of Representatives threatened to commence impeachment proceedings against the president for erring to fully implement the year’s budget after the National Assembly, with little hitch, passed it. Their grouse was government’s continued poor implementation of the budget in times of surplus where oil was benchmarked at $72 per barrel while it sold between $90 – $100 in the international market.

    The SURE-P, which you are a member of, recorded some successes not only because the funds where insulated from tampering but because you and the other members thought to do the right thing. You all could have sat down and shared the money like others did and nothing would happen. This we know has happened more than a few times under the watch on GEJ.

    In as much as I would like to see a young fresh looking man or woman as president. I feel our situation at the moment is quite desperate and we need to vote in whoever has the wherewithal to move this nation away from the where we are today to where we ought to be. After then we may have the luxury of choosing our leaders essentially based on their date of birth. Again there is certainly no empirical evidence that shows young people are better leaders. There is no single individual that can muster hundreds of thousands of people in this country with his presence alone like GMB. His character and integrity has never been in doubt. He has been consistent with his principles and values in at a time where these two words don’t mean much.

    GMB, as rigid as he may be perceived, will be foolhardy to think he will rule this country with the same manual he ruled 30 years ago. That is a longtime, things have changed from the last time GMB was in power and I believe he isn’t unmindful of that fact. If you look at his three attempts in seeking for election you will agree that there is a marked improvement in this current campaign. If you ask me, he is getting it right this time. In fact the way he has gone about his campaign should put that fear to rest. A lot of young people, who hitherto had lost faith in the system, are getting involved in politics both directly and indirectly. What this means is that by next elections we all will see the emergence of the youths in politics as we have always craved for. Nothing is given out freely in this country unless of course it is of no value to the one who possesses it.

    Most of us agree that corruption is our major problem in this country. We agree also that GEJ isn’t doing enough to fight it given the time and resources at his disposal. In fact his recent utterances have suggested he doesn’t see it as a major issue. We also agree that GMB is upright, disciplined and is a man of integrity. What then baffles me most is that you make an issue of his age and him being unyielding. When these qualities should be what we demand for from our leaders at this trying times.

    If the public sector is accountable the private sector has no choice but tow the line. You say institutions should be built and technology used to fortify them to reduce corruption. So why isn’t GEJ’s administration doing just that? If the will is there to fight corruption from the top every institution will be accountable technology or not. Besides it’s the people who will use the technology.

    On the issue of sharia, he spoke, as you rightly admitted, as a devout muslim but you say it was politically incorrect. Should he have lied or be economical with the truth? He answered like any devout muslim would (see link). What you failed to do was read the actual transcript of his conversation or make further research. It was just convenient to believe what was written in whatever media. Truth is regardless of what he said it would still have been misinterpreted to make it sound inciteful because that is how they want you to se him. It is a case of giving a dog a bad name so that you can hang him. Many people in the same capacity have said and are saying worse but it is only when GMB speaks that people listen and make opinions.

    A day after the October 1st bombing, GEJ said it couldn’t have been MEND. He said they are his brothers agitating for their rights. Only for them to claim responsibility for that and many other attacks. What can be more inciteful than that from a sitting president? How would the victims or people who lost loved ones feel?

    Only recently, he alleged the same MEND were hired to assassinate him. Those in government and their cronies spew venomous hate unabated on a daily basis no one cautions them but when GMB coughs a medical report sprouts from God knows where that he is terminally ill (God forbid).

    I noticed you stayed away from the security challenges that are a major talking point the world over. I have done that deliberately too not for lack of merit but it is an issue the president, himself, has been unable to defend satisfactorily.

    I honestly believe that if the head is good the body down to the toes will be good too. GMB may be in bed with people of ‘questionable’ character but that’s politics. It’s a meeting point for all comers with common interests. For me it is a means to an end and I am comforted by the fact that these bedfellows know GMB pretty well and they know what they can and cannot get away with. No one is a saint but the lesser evil will do for me just now.

    6 years is too much time for anyone to make a significant difference in whatever capacity and condition and if after all that time you want more time to do what you couldn’t do then CHANGE is imperative.

    I only ask that you judge both of them with consistency and the same standards and also not forgetting one is a sitting president and the other is aspiring. Unfortunately, GMB’s statements and actions are scrutinized much more than GEJ. This says a lot about the man.

    Mahmud Sulaiman


    • temitope

      January 21, 2015 at 9:55 am

      Well said sir. I also agree with Gbolahan’s point above. We desperately need someone who can inspire confidence in the average Nigerian. While GEJ’s first round of campaigning by emotionally connecting with his name “Goodluck” and undeserved rise to power (which on its own sends the wrong message of “no need to work hard, if you’re lucky things would come to you”) might have worked then, it can no longer work now.

      He was given 6 years to show us what he could do and he is yet to rise to the occasion and he actually thinks he deserves another 4 years reward for a job NOT DONE?

      I do not mean to say he did not do anything at all but the incidents that stick to our minds obviously are more important to us and hey as a public servant, you’re there to SERVE the public.

      First of all, I understand politics is like PR (show & tell) but you need to pick the battles you fight based on the ones that serve the greater good. It is definitely callous as a president to have a lavish wedding a few days after over 100 young girls were kidnapped in a country where you are the Commander in Chief. Now I’m not saying the wedding should have been cancelled but there are so many other ways the situation could have been handled that would show us as a people that you are concerned and our individual lives matter!

      Anyway, before I start ranting let me make my point: I am not voting for GMB because I think he is our Messiah but because I feel he would:

      a) Be the one to get us thinking about the fact that we need to clean up our acts
      b) Inspire confidence & allow us experience what a better leadership feels like
      c) Be the one to actually clear the path and maybe even take the next steps to changing our orientation so the next guy (appropriately voted of course) can begin/continue the development and growth we desperately need.

      I want to state clearly that I am not here to discredit either party. However, looking at it objectively – not only does GEJ’s reign pale in comparison to GMB’s, unfortunately his errors are more recent hence clearly remembered. You do the math :-)

  33. Falmata A. K.

    January 20, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    The first and most important responsibility of any President is to provide security of his citizens. You have to be ALIVE to excell as a country. That’s all I can say

  34. obi

    January 21, 2015 at 2:30 am

    After delivering a letter and leading massive protest of “Enough is Enough”, now after chopping Sure-P money you’re now delivering another letter of “Enough is not Enough”.
    This our Nigerian youths can’t be trusted….the same Nigerian youths out of exhuberance and this same gready character plunged Nigeria into a civil war as young leaders.
    Audu, u further give our youths a bad name. Pls just keep shut. Why omit talking of insecurity under GEJ? Is it because none of ur family members destiny was cut short by the Boko Haram GEJ has handles with kids gloves so far which has made them multiply?
    No matter the rail lines, bridges or Agricultural feats he strides in…all these can be destroyed by one bomb or violence. You’re from Jos, has violence not about crippled economic life and farming thru the fear of violence? Pls just go and settle u r house of fleeing artists and stop talking from 2 sides of ur mouth. Hisssssssss

  35. Ayodeji A A

    January 21, 2015 at 7:31 am

    I would first of all like to thank Mr Mahmud Sulaiman from Abuja for that we’ll articulated opinion. It has put the signposts back where others have tried to burn it.

    Opinions are opinions. In as much as they are opinions, it is better that they are not fundamentally flawed. If comparisons can not be made in a fair manner and some key issues are curiosly not talked about then it would be better not to air your opinion than to do so and remove doubt of not being able to reason things thoroughly.

    As the article is aptly titled, it is a case that is being made for Jonathan, meaning it is quite obvious that he has grossly misused all the opportunities that fate placed in his path to be one of the champions of Nigeria!

    I strongly believed in Jonathan in 2011, his rise to power was, as it seemed, guided by fate. But to whom much is given, plenty much is expected. Unfortunately, Jonathan made it too easy for opposition to counter him blow for blow. And the recent Gov. Fayose’s Ad in the Punch Newspaper? That’s the mother of all insensitivities.

    • Eniola

      January 21, 2015 at 9:42 am

      God bless you Mr. Ayodeji …God bless you.

  36. Ayodeji A A

    January 21, 2015 at 7:33 am

    Thank you Sir for your well articulated response.

  37. Eniola

    January 21, 2015 at 9:35 am

    okay this is your opinion and i respect that. but in the middle of sharing your opinion. please do not lie. i am a farmer and i run it on a large and believe me the agricultural sector has not grown one bit. the farmer bares all the risks, no government support and the loan which we were promised was never given and even if you by any chance get the loan. its little or nothing, for example i own a farm who’s roll over money is 3 to 4 million. i get only a loan of a few hundred thousands, can’t even feed my birds for 3 days. soya is way expensive, almost three times the price it used to be and we are expected not to increase the price of egg. okay so let’s even leave my business out of it. do you even know what a bag of rices costs now, beans, meat, fish etc. all types of food has increased in price and you say the agricultural sector has improved. all they do is monopolize every system to enrich themselves. look at the made in Nigeria cars. thats a typical example of a monopoly. claiming you are building a system by killing other people’s hard work. the security in the system, Nigeria has never been safe but it never used to be this worse and why cant the military have ammunition to combat. what about power supply and the subsidy scam. should i go on? Mr. Audu obviously you need to be true to yourself, if it’s not about surep then what is this about? you people say he has helped the youth, please i need you to tell me how? is it the unemployment sweeping the nation and how crime rate has increased. the FG job scams, my point is if he is not the one behind all this government scams why has nothing been done. i graduated since 2010 and i can list my peers that have a job and most earn less than 30 thousand naira a month so please what has been done to the youth. you people say we are ignorant of how buhari led the nation because most of us were either not born or very little but at least our parents never complained this much. you are not out there, just behind your office desk composing lies. do not vote buhari but why vote GEJ. give us real reason. its not about voting GMB, its about not voting for GEJ. give anyone else your votes

  38. buzzin

    January 22, 2015 at 11:30 am

    Every Yorba person in here feels Jonathan is bad for Nigeria with that been said forget Nigeria will move forward

  39. ay-n-oh

    January 22, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    So thats all you cld get from the article? So pitiful

  40. Donnel

    January 24, 2015 at 2:39 am

    On the arms issue, have you ever wondered where BH gets their arms and ammunition from? Some soldiers claim that they are in dearth of arm?? The last BH video on youtube shows the cache or arms BH got from the Millitary base in Barga and to use their own word, it’s enough to wage war against Nigeria. So are their complaints genuine? Or are their 5th columnist in the Nigerian army? Give it a thought!

  41. dimeji

    January 25, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    Corruption is epidemic. But the more we postpone the evil day the more we continue to deceive ourselves. Do we need technology IImplement reports of corrupt people like Ribadu report on NNPC account, oduah aviation report so on. This gov’t is corrupt and nothing good can Come out of it. Why are we afraid of change. Is a necessity.

  42. victot

    February 2, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    pls I believe u haven’t read any history about Buhari, when Buhari was overthrowned; Nigerians rejoice…. Go and find out why Nigerians rejoice!!!
    before you Speak or Vote!

  43. Fathia

    February 9, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Well said. I wish our people put sentiments aside and rationalise the reasoning of choosing from two obvious imperfect options and go for the lesser evil. No man is perfect or will ever be perfect. Our youths should start questioning the leadership recruitment process we presently have and refuse to be stereotyped the wasted generation. When people are called to order and held accountable for their misdeeds in office and those found to be corrupt taken to task by civil society groups, the fear of the consequences may help kick start the battle against corruption in another front not necessarily personified by an individual who will like to flaunt the crusade as a personal identity. Both GEJ and GMB may not be the best candidates for the job at hand but we need to start somewhere and choose a more youth , religious and gender friendly candidate with human face and make a wake up call to our young people to arise and show more interest in national affairs and politics like they have demonstrated in areas of their passion which have projected Nigeria positively on the world stage. Yes, we can do it and retire these old politicians who do not believe that now and the future belongs to the youths their children. If we don’t make the right choice now , then you are on your own #OYO. Mr. Audi Makori, you spoke well.

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