‘He dated Actress Daniella Okeke’ Apostle Suleman’s Alleged Mistress Demands N500 Million in Damages As More Victims Allegedly Speak Up


Apostle Suleman’s alleged mistress, is dishing more on her affair with the controversial cleric.

The 23-year-old, Stephanie Otobo who was released from Kirikiri prison yesterday, spoke at a press conference held in Lagos today. At the conference, the Canada-based singer was asked several question to validate her allegations against Suleman and below is a take-out of the interview.

According to Stephanie Otobo, Suleman exposed his privates to her via Skype, adding that it is of average size.
She revealed that he once sent her all the money he made from a 3-day crusade.

Stephanie Otobo also stated that they spent time in hotels in Naples, Italy; New York, and Lagos between June 2015 when they met and last year. Even though Suleman denied ever having physical contact with her.

At some point, Apostle Suleman was sending her $6000 to $8000 regularly, allegedly from his church’s tithes and offerings.

Stephanie also clarified that her father will support Suleman as he abandoned her when she was young and knows nothing about her.

On if she is a stripper, Stephanie had this to say: “If I was a stripper, he was the one who sent me into stripping.”
She also disclosed that Suleman once dated Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke.

She insisted that the apostle gave her a concoction disguised as juice which led to her miscarriage.

Finally, Stephanie stated that she wants N500 million as compensation and that he also publicly accepts his sins and beg for forgiveness from God.

Watch the video below.

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