Maje Ayida not pleased with ‘Punch Newspaper Over ‘Misleading’ Toke Makinwa Story

Maje Ayida8

Maje Ayida is not pleased with Punch Newspapers, the fitness trainer took to his Instagram to accuse the news house of deception over the interview he offered them.

“Why the misleading headline tho, you asked me for a work interview. Well played, Punch,” the ex husband of Toke Makinwa said on his Twitter.

Apparently Maje granted Punch an interview in which he said this:

“People tend to form a perception of you from what they read or hear about you. .

Having those kinds of things written about me and circulating in the public domain has definitely hurt my brand, though it’s hard to quantify the kind of impact it has had. However, I concentrate my energy on doing good work and letting it speak for me.”

But See what Punch wrote on their headline


Am honest and a good writer

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