Beware of this new Trick! How ‘Fake Police Officers’ Tried to Kidnap Man in Abuja


A Twitter user Mustapha Aramalan has used the hashtag #AbujaKidnappings to share a chilling story of how he narrowly escaped being kidnapped by men posing as officers of the Nigerian Police.

According to Mustapha, the ordeal happened yesterday in Abuja after he was flagged down by an ‘officer’ who questioned him for making a call while driving. At first, Mustapha obliged the ‘officer’ and even apologised for the ‘offence’, but things turned brutal when the suspected kidnapper turned violent and said he was taking Mustapha to a ‘mobile court’.

Mustapha resisted and was attacked with a beer bottle; his attacker had a taxi driver on standby, but the Twitter user reportedly escaped the suspected kidnapping after a crowd gathered.

This brings to mind the disturbing story of three friends who were whisked away in Abuja on the day they planned a birthday celebration; the missing Abuja trio, Veronica Otogo, Bisola Mohammed and Damilola Oribuyaku, were found after Nigerians joined in searching for them.

Now, Mustapha’s story has drawn attention to the rising spate of kidnapping in the capital, and also the new tricks suspected kidnappers employ. And this has many people calling on the Nigerian Police to rise to the defence of Nigerians.

See the #AbujaKidnappings tweets:

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