4 Ponzi Scheme Websites Most Nigerians Visit Aside MMM



Ponzi schemes are gaining more popularity in Nigeria on a daily basis. Currently, MMM is the most popular. It has seen millions of Nigerians invest their money in the scheme which increases by 30% after one month. but lately it has been on a silent mode as the system is yet to pay majority of its participants their frozen mavros. And you know how it is with Nigerians, they are gullible.

They never give up in difficult times, they adapt to any condition, whether rough, tough or whatever you call it, apparently when it gives them a negative impression, they shift to the next brand even if its similar to the previous one. This is the case of other Ponzi schemes Aside MMM.

1. Twinkas.com

2. Floralinvestment.com

3. Gethelpworldwide.com

4. Loopersclub.com

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