Popular Sports Presenter Babatunde Koiki shares Hilarious Ordeal Aboard A Medview Flight



Nigerian Sports journalist and presenter of ‘Sports planet’ on TheBeat999 FM, Babatunde Koiki shared his recent experience on a Medview flight.

The sports anchor was aboard a flight from Abuja to Lagos when it experienced some tubulence and he narated how passengers reacted to the situation. Read it below:


Just came back from Abuja earlier this week. CRAZY JOURNEY BY ROAD! I was stuck at Ore…FROM TEN AM TILL 7PM! Apparently, the Ondo STATE elections affects movement on FEDERAL highways. Ended up sleeping on the platform on the fuel dispensing pump at AKpapkava in Benin City after the driver wisely refused to drive through the night.

So on my way back, i decided to fly. The approach to Lagos was very rough. Apparently, there was a storm sytsem swirling around Lagos. Plane was jiggling and dancing in the air and plummetting at will. The air in the cabin was rent with cries and wails. “Laillaha illalah!” was being yelled just as vociferously as “Blood of Jesus!” Some went traditional on our airborne asses. “Mo ku o! Egbami o” was competing with “Ogbulemu o” and “Wayo Allah!” Even the big booty Ghanaian chick beside me was screaming something in gibberish about not planning to die in Nigeria.

But the one that got me was some dude hollering, “No, no, no Father! You and i have a covenant! We did not say it dis way! IN Psalm 118 verse 17 YOU TOLD ME that I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done! Ashante shabab skalakabba….” and some more. Yeah right. Like say God go send you Snapchat or SMS say your time don reach!

Me? I gotta admit, i’m not used to getting tossed around like a rat in a bucket but hey? What the fuck was i supposed to do? Open the door and jump out? When no be movie! If i didn’t die on the crazy road to Abuja then if my number was up in the sky above God knows where, wetin i wan do? I just settled back, said a short prayer and put my earphones back on.
After like 20 minutes, the bucking and jiggling stopped and most people quieted down. Some started an impromtu praise and worship session in the back. And when we landed, they was a massive cheer and applause for the pilot. Yet that didn’t stop the stampede for the door when it opened. And as panicked humanity filed past, i thought that i could discern the tangy whiff of shit. Apparently someone had shat him/herself during the drama. Ah well. Not the first time fear has been know to loosen bladders and bowels.

Later on that day at work, i heard of the Chapecoense tragedy, where players and officials of a Brazilian football team died on the way to the biggest match in their history. That same plane had been used to convey the Argentine national team with Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero et al to and from a 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier in Brazil early last month. It COULD have been them. It just brought home a line in a post i put up recently, “Eyan le ku any fockin’ time.” No be by who pray pass. Make the time you have count. Some of us will be chosen to die in the course of pursuing our dreams…doing the things we love. Death will come to us all. No matter how many “Ya Alahus!” or “Blood of Jesus!” you scream. We rarely even choose the time or manner of our death. Unless you’re suicidal of course. But HOW do you want to be remembered? With a choice curse or oath and saliva spat out in distaste? Or with a tear, a smile and a prayer? You decide.
And to the departed players and officials of Chapecoense, their families and fans, the pilots and crew of the plane, the journalists who died and their families…may God lighten your sorrow and lift the heaviness in your hearts.
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