It was a weekday in January when I went for a meeting in the presidential villa, Abuja that a discussion about President Muhammadu Buhari came up. It was almost the consensus of everyone in the meeting that a book deconstructing the personality of the president will make an interesting read. But a gentleman who I cannot recall his name now but who is a staff of the presidency chipped in from one corner of the meeting venue: “there are quite a number of requests from some people to write books on the president but he is not well disposed towards such ideas now.”

Out of curiosity, I enquired from him if the request was not coming from competent people and he said, there were quite a number of competent Nigerians who have made such request. And I remember one of the persons he mentioned then was a Nigerian based in the U.S by the name Pius Adesanmi. After the meeting, I returned to my office in the central area of Abuja. As I prepared to close for the day, the Buhari book idea came back to my mind and I decided to check up the profile of about three Nigerians the young man at the meeting earlier mentioned had made requests to write a book on the president.

Without sounding patronizing, I was impressed with that of Pius Adesanmi and from that moment I began to show interest in him. I discovered that he writes a lot of articles published mostly on the Internet.

In the course of reading his articles, I also discovered that Mr. Adesanmi has been more or less a strong supporter of President Buhari’s administration. I was convinced and rightly so that he must be laying a good foundation for his proposed book project on the president. However, I discovered that in the last two months, Mr. Adesanmi has made a 360-degree turn around, metamorphosing into a wailing wailer and attacking the president and his Special Adviser on Media, Mr. Femi Adesina in a ferocious manner.

For sometime, that got me confused. This is because I couldn’t reconcile the two dispositions in one single person. I got amused because I couldn’t fathom the reason for the sudden somersault by Mr. Adesanmi. By Monday, May 23 when I was reading another attack article written by Adesanmi titled “Femi Adesina and the Umaru Dikko complex”, I discovered two things from the writer’s choice of words; FRSUTRATION and BLACKMAIL. I discovered the writer was oozing hatred borne out of frustration. He was very impatient to blackmail his targets: President Buhari and Femi Adesina.

After a deep thought, I took the decision to pen this intervention and put Adesanmi’s recent articles within the appropriate context so that his readers can properly understand where he is coming from, his current state of mind and goal. I have never met Adesanmi before, I am not a social media person and as such my understanding of him before and now, was based on his profile and articles I read between January when I first heard about him and now, when I lost interest and respect for him.

Before I finally decided to expose the real motive of Mr. Adesanmi’s recent articles, I called about two contacts in the presidency to double check that indeed Mr. Adesanmi’s request to write a book on President Buhari was turned down. The two contacts confirmed the information and went further to explain why the president took the decision. They said the president took the decision because he felt; his administration was just coming on board, with little or nothing yet to celebrate. They further said the president felt anything done at that point would amount to sycophancy and he would not be part of such. The president’s decision, I was also told was politely conveyed to Adesanmi by Mr. Adesina.

From the look of things now, obviously that was the point of departure between Adesanmi on the one hand and Buhari and Adesina, on the other.

With this full understanding of what transpired behind the scene, I got propelled to expose Mr. Adesanmi for the blackmailer that he is. Unfortunately, many innocent readers would have read Adesanmi’s recent vitriolic and mistook him for an objective critic of the Buhari administration without understanding that his selfishness was his motivation. It is so scandalous that with his level of education and exposure abroad, Mr. Adesanmi can easily get infected with the blackmail complex that I felt was the common ailment of the ‘never do well’

How can I imagine that the man I admired so much in January after going through his profile and articles is all an embodiment of deceit and a pseudo intellectual who engages in writings cloaked in blackmail!

Now that Mr. Adesanmi has chosen to dance naked in the market square, he should strive to endure the consequences of his misadventure.

Salaudeen Ahmed is a public servant and wrote in from Abuja


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  1. Tobi Austin

    May 27, 2016 at 2:53 am

    So with just one reference you make such far reaching conclusion on a globally renowned Professor of African Studies? Who do you expect to read this lazy piece of work?

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