PSquare Reconciles At Last As Brothers Apologizes To Fans For ‘Stupidity’




The first indication has emerged that the once elusive peace may have return to to the PSquare duo of Peter and Paul Okoye as well as their brother, Jude.

Signifying that all is well again, the three brothers took turns to share the same message on their instagram pages apologizing to their fans for the trouble caused by their public spat which has lasted about three months. The brief statement also came with the picture of a Dove which signifies peace.

Details of the behind the scenes of the group’s reconciliation is very sketchy but there is a theory that the high-powered moves were made by some influential personalities to restore calm once again to Nigeria’s biggest music group.

Paul shared on his instagram page @rudeboypsquare, “That it took our stupidity to realize that FAMILY comes first, We are VERY SORRY.@peterpsquare @judeengees#dembeonenobetwo.

He then went on to confirm what may be their first performance in recent times, “We are there live!!!! Rotterdam Netherlands on da 26th March @palmundofestival.

@PeterPsquare also shared same thing, “That it took our stupidity to realize that FAMILY comes first, We are VERY SORRY. @rudeboypsquare@judeengees #dembeonenobetwo#PSquareForever


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