Rihanna Surpasses Michael Jackson With 14th No. 1 Hit




Rihanna now has over late Micheal Jackson.

Work, her latest collaboration with the Rapper Drake, topped the Billboard singles chart this week, securing her the pleasure of her 14th No1 and pushing her past Michael Jackson, who made it to the top on 13 occasions.

The success of Work, the second track on which she partnered with Drake, means that only three performers now have more No 1s – The Beatles, with 20, and Elvis and Mariah Carey, who both have 18 to their name.

On Monday, the singer also released clips for the video for Work

In the video’s first-half, directed by X, Rihanna and her co-star Drake take to the dance floor of a Caribbean restaurant.

In the second half, which was directed by Tim Erem, she and Drake can be seen getting intimate in the club’s VIP section.

On Instagram, she hilariously marked the milestone with a video of Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin strutting their stuff at a car wash.

“When me and squad found out we were number one on Billboard this week,” she captioned it, along with the hashtag “Work.”

Drake also took to social media to sweetly thank his ex for the only No. 1 songs he’s scored.




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  1. BP

    February 24, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    Rihanna has 14 number ones in the US….REALLY? Because TWO of her songs are by OTHER artists TI (Live Your Life and Eminem Monster) she sings CHORUS on both and gets credit for number one.

    MJ has had 13 number ones in the US….BUT hold on ! He has had 4 Number ones also with the Jackson 5 where he SANG THE ENTIRE SONGS and 1 with USA FOR
    AFRICA which he CO-WROTE and SANG on the chorus.

    By that ESTIMATION Michael Jackson’s TALLY is IN FACT 18 Number 1 US singles.. BILLBOARD are fukin bending the rules for some artists…What a JOKE !!

    Anyway…. today, in the digital, download and stream era …. ANY average singer can have No.1 spot, like that guy from (ex-)One Direction, Zayen Malik (how this could happen is beyond me)

    The price of the digital download is sooooo low that any stupid song can be No.1.

    In the 70s, 80s and even in the 90s, all the people had to buy the physical copies of singles or albums (LP, Cassette, or CD)

    Today, you can buy one album for 0.99 cent.


    And… the new rules of Billboard allow to co.cout the streaming into sales….

    Its insane.

    I couldn’t name more than one of her “songs” if my life depended on it.
    And only because that “song” includes the word “umbrella” in it like a thousand times. Must consider the quality of the work before it becomes a hit.

    That’s easy to do now that artist are dropping new singles every week.

    Only in the internet you read this but i don’t really hear her music on the radio which is good!!
    Rihanna is a product not a real artist.

    She should have a million songs bc she puts out a new album every second. Her record company is all about money, the focus is quantity not quality which is exactly why she has #$%$ songs.

    She needs to take more control over her career. They are trying to push this headline bc her album didn’t sell as good as usual , they need something positive to say.

    No one cares about how many #$%$ songs this singer has, we care about how good the songs are. Work sounds just like everything else she pushed out in the past. Her albums are all the same.

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