Vision 2020: Chelsea New 60,000 Capacity Stadium is The Talk Of The Moment! (PHOTOS)

chelsea new stadium

By Ayeotan Shola

Chelsea’s planning application for a new 60,000-seat ground, on the site of Stamford Bridge, has revealed the full scale of what will be the country’s most ambitious stadium build yet.

On Tuesday, 160 documents were published featuring images of the Blues’ planned new home, with work on the £600million-plus, three-year project expected to be signed off in the summer.

Provided they get the necessary backing in the now-launched consultation period, Chelsea could begin life at a revamped Stamford Bridge on the first day of the 2020-2021 season.

However, the new design hasn’t gone down well with all football fans, with some claiming the stadium will look like a colander, a Slinky toy or an egg slicer.

Roman Abramovich‘s design team, spearheaded by Herzog & de Meuron – most famous for their work on Bayern Munich’s incredible Allianz Arena and the beautiful Beijing Bird’s Nest – have produced a new 60,000-capacity ground that draws Westminster Abbey among its influences.

As seen in the images from the application, the main construction feature on the new ground will be the 264 brick columns that surround it, with glass connecting each one to provide the structure of the roof and walls of the stadium.

Decorative metal will run across the glass to provide the silvery-effect seen in some images, providing a cathedral-colosseum look to the new ground.

*****Here are some pictures of the projected 2020 Stamford Bridge

chelsea new stadium chelsea new stadium88 chelsea new stadium34 chelsea new stadium31 chelsea new stadium10 chelsea new stadium2 chelsea new stadium0


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