Meek Mill Reacts To Drake’s Nomination For Grammy Award

meek mill

By Pina Peters

Yesterday, the nominations for the 2016 Grammy Awards were announced seeing artistes like Kendrick Lamar lead with 11 nominations while Taylor Swift and The Weeknd got 7 nominations each.

But, the groundbreaking moment was when fans saw that Drake’s Meek Mill diss song ‘Back to Back‘ secured a nomination too for the Best Rap Performance, making it the first diss song ever in history to get the nod for an award.

And as expected, Hip Hop social media is now mocking Meek Mill for it.

For Meek, it is sad that his lover Nicki Minaj got three nomination and he got none. Now, he has accused the awards committee of tipping the scales to favour some people, and of course, we know that he was also referring to Drake’s nomination.

See what he posted:



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