Why I Always Grab My Boobs In Public – Ruth Kadiri


Ruth is one of the fast rising actresses cum scriptwriters you would love to meet any day.

Recently, she has been through some scandals and controversies ranging from her Newly acquired Range Rover Sports, her sudden swimming in wealth and her love for grabbing her boos in different photos.

The soft-spoken, easy-going and highly articulate Ruth made some interesting revelations on why she’s fond of the soft moulds on her chest.

” I just noticed that whenever I want to take pictures, I just find my hand going towards my boobs. You will see at least five pictures of me in that posture. It was that picture that created loads of controversy,’ she hinted.

She also recalled how a female lecturer wanted to seduce her and turn her into her Lesbian mate.

“At first, she took a lot of interest in me when I went to write an examination, she saw me, came close to me and asked me what I was writing. She knew the days I don’t come to school and even my scores. Then one day, I think I missed her test and went to her office. I was sitting across her like this and then she just moved her leg and started touching my laps. I just moved backwards and left.”

Aside been one of the most sought after script interpreters by movie producers, Miss Kadiri has also learnt some lessons as an actress.

“I have learned to be patient. I have also learned to understand that our destinies are different. More so, I have realized that not everybody would appreciate your style, or understand where you are coming from .All you need as an actor is to be focused. It’s easy to get distracted, or follow the trend. But if you have a style and you are able to stick to it, as long as you know that you are doing the right thing, you will surely get to your promised land.”

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